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Hello Beautiful! Welcome to your new salon home

Welcome! Take a look around and if you have any questions, feel free to fill out a digital contact form and I will gladly get back to you.

Looking forward to meeting you!

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Worried About Your First Visit? Don’t Be!

Hey love! I’m so glad you are here. I just wanted to start off by saying I totally get it. Seeing a new stylist can be a bit nerve-wracking, so please allow me to help ease that for you as much as I can. I am a consultation master, I love my craft, and am somewhat of a perfectionist.

I will take my time navigating your first visit with me and all future appointments to ensure you get exactly what you need, at each visit, without keeping you in my chair longer than you need to be. So feel free to ask questions! I can’t wait to meet you.

What to Expect:

I will be notified as soon as you make a request for your appointment. I will take a look at your request and reach out to you personally through email to welcome you and ask any questions I may have after reviewing your information.

I will also include details about how to find the salon, how to prep for your appointment, and everything else that you may need to know before you arrive. There will also be info related to the current pandemic and our guidelines that are in place to make your visit is as safe and healthy as possible for both you and me.

Within 24 hours of your appointment in the salon, a virtual Covid Waiver will be sent via text or email. Please make sure to fill that out before arrival. Once you arrive to the salon, I’ll have you fill out a fun and easy form and we will discuss your short and long term hair goals before we begin. Our environment is cozy, welcoming, and full of positive vibes only.

I know you will love it as much as I do!


New Client booking process

  1. Click on “Book Your Appointment”
  2. Submit an appointment request
  3. Receive a follow-up email or call
  4. Secure your appointment (Deposit may be required )
  5. Fill out Covid 19 waiver within 24 hours of your appointment

About Athena – Welcome Letter to New Clients:

Hi Love! Welcome to Hair Canvas!
Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Athena! It’s great to unofficially meet you and I want to say thank you for your visit and hope you would like to stick around.

I will jump right in and tell you a little bit about myself.

I am a total nerd, self proclaimed foodie, Marvel Comics fan, and love people. Not in that order, but think that gives a fun insight to me. I am a total sponge when it comes to learning and enjoy a good story. It’s my goal to get a good laugh in each day and to stay in the presence of positive people.

I am big on team, both in life and work. Whether it be playing sports, working with other stylists on achieving their best in understanding their craft, or working with you, in my chair, to achieve your ultimate hair goals. I enjoy collaborating and love to see someone achieve and feel their best.

I will always be honest and will not sell you a fantasy. What I can provide you with is a promise to provide realistic expectations on how we can achieve your hair goals. Some goals may be long term, other hair goals may be more of instant gratification, but I will be fair and honest with you when you are in my chair. I will always give my professional recommendation, but at the end of the day my biggest goal is that you leave happy and feeling like your best.

We all have stories to tell of not so flattering haircuts or color that have left us a bit traumatized to sit in a new stylist’s chair. Trust me, I totally get it! I put my best foot forward to listen and give you my all. I work diligently to stay up to date and educated in my vocation. I’ve learned from some of the best in the industry such as WELLA, Vidal Sassoon, and Aveda, alongside various mentors and educators. Through this continued education I have become a Master Colorist specializing in Color correction and am an expert in curly-hair haircuts.

You can expect a properly sanitized and clean area for your appointment. I make it a point to provide you with my undivided attention, excellent and efficient service, and a positive environment. See you in my chair soon! I know you will love it as much as I do.



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"I’ve been going to Athena for over 10 years and she’s never failed me! From perms to a variety of colors, she truly paints a canvas on your head while maintaining the integrity of your hair. I have fine hair and she’s always making sure I have enough volume to rock whatever style I’m into at any given time! If you’re looking for a bomb color specialist or someone who cuts hair with precision, Athena is your girl!"

Tere G.

Berkeley, California
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"If you need a really good professional hair expert Athena is your girl, hair color is her expertise. She is very detailed with your cut and she makes sure you leave the salon happy and satisfied. Thanks Athena!"


Richmond, California

"Athena, the owner of Hair Canvas, has been taking care of mine and my daughters hair for YEARS!! She does it all for me: straightening treatment, cut, and color!! In that time mine and my daughters hair have flourished! I don’t trust anyone else with my or my daughters hair!"

Latanya K.

Oakland, California

New Client Booking Process

Hey Beautiful! First time booking with me. No worries! Allow me to walk you through how to book with me for your first service.